Fuji X-T30 - coming soon!

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Fuji X-T30 - coming soon!


The Metro Case MGXT30 hand grip for Fujifilm X-T30 digital camera. (See the other similar model for the X-T10/X-T20.)

Very similar to the X-T10/X-T20 grip, which accommodates the relocation of the Q button on the X-T30.

These cameras are so small, it's difficult to comfortably grip and operate the camera, especially with larger/longer lenses. Fuji provides rubberized grip areas but they are too small to be effective. The Multi Grip greatly improves comfort, at the same time preventing accidental button presses by the right hand when gripping the camera.


  • Front grip

  • Thumb rest support, which allows access to the Q button.

  • Easy thumb control of joystick, exposure compensation dials and the AE-L, AF-L and Focus Assist buttons

  • Eliminates accidental button presses when gripping the camera

  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release baseplate; adds 8mm for larger lenses for tripod head clearance; protects the bottom of the camera

  • Battery and SD card access while attached

  • Specially sculpted front dial access

  • HDMI and USB port access while attached

  • Secondary tripod socket on optical axis

  • Optical axis indicator

  • Porthole for camera's speaker

  • Honeycomb structure in baseplate for light weight with maximum strength

  • 43 grams (1.5 oz.)

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