A Shock-Absorbing Story.

We recently heard from a Metro Case user who is an avid cyclist. He routinely carries an iPhone 7 in his cycling jersey pocket.

On a rather steep descent on a recent ride, the phone popped out of the pocket, slammed into the ground and skidded along the pavement. GPS recorded 52 miles per hour...

Fearing the worst, the phone was retrieved. The Metro Case was badly bent, mangled and scratched, but the Poron® XRD shock absorbers performed exactly as designed! The screen glass was not cracked, and amazingly the iPhone 7 was otherwise completely unscathed.

Here are photos of the damaged gold Metro Case, alongside a new one.

Metro's 35mm Viewfinder Now Available

AUSTIN  — Metro Case has announced a lightweight viewfinder housing for use with a repurposed Canon 35mm optical viewfinder.

Check out the review at casualphotophile.com. Order yours here!


For digital and analog cameras, the housing works with the very large Canon Sure Shot Owl optical viewfinder, which is available very inexpensively on the second-hand market (i.e., eBay.) The Owl is known for having perhaps the largest viewfinder available in any point and shoot camera.

This viewfinder has a magnification of 0.68x, and has framelines that correspond to 35mm lenses on film cameras (such as the Leica M3) and on full-frame digital cameras like the Sony RX1, RX1R,  and RX1R-II. It also works well with APS-C cameras such as the Fuji X-E series with their 23mm Fujinon lenses.

Weighing only 14 grams or 0.5oz, the Metro Case Viewfinder Housing is available directly from Shapeways. It is 3D printed using Nylon 12, the same material used in the Metro Case camera grips. Assembly is simple: the two pieces just snap together, holding the optics after removal from the Sure Shot Owl.

A great big view with almost zero weight!

The relevant Canon models are listed below. Each line represents an identical model; the different names are how they were sold in different markets.

Note: the Snappy LX models don't appear to have the close-up marks on the framelines. This is of little consequence as the viewfinder is primarily used for street shooting, not for close-ups.

  • sure shot owl - prima af-7
  • sure shot owl pf - prima af-9/date
  • sure shot owl/date - prima af-8/date
  • snappy lx / bf35 - prima bf
  • snappy lxII/date - prima bf-8/date - BF35D
  • snappy lx/date - prima bf-7/date - BF35 QDN

Order yours here!

Based in Texas, Metro Case designs and manufactures grips and accessories for digital cameras as well as unique cases for Apple iPhone.

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Now available: Super-Light Grips for Sony A6000, A6300, A6500

AUSTIN —March 27, 2017 — Metro Case today announced two lightweight grips with Arca-style quick release for Sony A6000, A6300, and A6500 digital cameras. 

The Metro Case MC6000 and MC6500 grips greatly improve handling, providing increased gripping area for a more confident and relaxed feel.

These Sony cameras feature very compact bodies, but the short camera height compromises comfort and handling, often resulting in hand cramps because it’s difficult to comfortably grip the camera especially when using larger or longer lenses. The height extension offered by the grips provide support for the pinky finger.

An Arca-style quick release is built-in, yet the entire grip weighs only 43g (1.5oz), an almost imperceptible increase.

"The new Metro Case grips for the Sony a6300/a6500 are just fantastic. They feel great in the hand and add very little weight while maintaining a rigid connection to the camera. I simply can't go back to holding the a6500 without the Metro Case.” - Sony Artisan Photographer Chad Wadsworth


  • Increased camera and grip height (16mm) for improved comfort and handling
  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release baseplate
  • Additional clearance for tripod heads
  • Protection for the bottom of the camera
  • Battery access while attached
  • SD card access while attached
  • Optical axis indicator
  • Secondary tripod socket
  • Designed for light weight with maximum strength
  • 43 grams (1.5 oz.)

The MC6000 and MC6500 are priced at $49 and are available now from metro-case.com.

Based in Texas, Metro Case designs and manufactures grips for a full lineup of digital cameras as well as unique cases for Apple iPhone.

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Screen Protectors

We've had inquiries from customers about screen protectors, especially the higher-end tempered glass models. We've tested this one from Otium, it fits very well with the Metro Case and is easy to install. We've also successfully tested the Tzumi ProGlass Tempered Glass screen protector, which is also very easy to install. For the back panel, we've tested this one from MediaDevil with good results.