We don't make the iPhone. We make the iPhone, better.


Protection with Style: 6, 7 or 8.


Metro Case protects your iPhone without concealing its beauty.

Precision crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, Metro Case absorbs shock while adding negligible size or weight. Compatible with iPhone 8 wireless charging.

Available in Silver, Gray, Gold and Rose Gold for all sizes of iPhone 6, 7 & 8.


Refined and elegant, Metro Case is protection with minimalist style. Finger-friendly contours provide positive tactile feedback, making it less likely to slip from your grasp. iPhone buttons are recessed to prevent accidental presses. 

Lightweight, but strong. Individually crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, Metro Case for the iPhone 6, 7 or 8 weighs just 34 grams;  only 3 grams more for the larger iPhones.

Shock-Protected. Your iPhone is suspended within the Metro Case using some really amazing state-of-the-art shock absorbing material.  More info on our blog.

Strap Eyelet. Attach a wrist or neck strap for additional security and confidence, or for rock-steady support when shooting photos.

Compatible with screen protectors. Here are some we've tested.

If I didn’t drop my phone all the time, I wouldn’t use a case because the iPhone is such a nice design. But the Metro Case matches the sleek, modern look of the phone while keeping it very protected. The phone is gently suspended in the case and isn’t swallowed by ugly, bulky rubber. Plus, I love snapping photos and the shape makes it easier to hold as a camera. Beauty and function- it’s great!
— K.R., Marble Falls, TX
Love my Metro Case! I constantly get asked about it by friends and the finish and construction have held up wonderfully.
— C.H.W., Westlake, Texas
I have tried many iPhone cases over the years. I tried the big black one that looked like it was made of tire rubber, I tried the thin pink one that was pretty, but allowed me to chip my screen, and I tried the famous box one that protected my phone, but wouldn’t come out of my pocket easily. For the last several months I have used a Metro Case and I will never look for another. My phone is protected, yet it slips in and out of my pocket and camera bag with ease. Once it was installed, the iPhone was secure, and I quit worrying. Best of all, it looks good!
— C. F., Wisconsin
People comment regularly about the style of the curves and the matching color. I love the strength and protection it provides my iPhone. I have dropped it numerous times, and not only is the phone undamaged, but the case is also undamaged. It just feels right to have my expensive “pocket computer” protected in such a premium case.
— M. Casey, Austin, TX
If I didn’t have a Metro Case, my iPhone would have been toast by now. Dropped it off a 7 foot ladder and the phone was unscathed. Love this case!
— J.W.